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Aaron Brown has spent years in stock-car racing, but his passion has shifted from ovals to long, straight lines. So I decided I wanted to go out and build a land-speed car of my own.” Brown says that when he started this truck, he wanted to build something unique, but wasn’t sure exactly what.

After starting his career building cars that raced in NASCAR’s Cup series, Brown opened The Garage Shop in Catawba, North Carolina, building hot rods and maintaining vintage race cars for their owners. Eventually, the race-car builder started looking more toward classic hot rods and decided he’d build a race car that honors the original land-speed racers from the middle of the 20th century.

Only Snap-on offers a lithium-ion option that requires a separate gun.

Harbor Freight’s brand, Chicago Electric Power Tools, was the least expensive (PN 67845, 9.99) and came with a small attachable battery charger and case.

The Craftsman gun made 75 pulls, and the Kobalt gun lasted a little longer than 50.

Harbor Freight Conclusions From a purely performance standpoint, the Snap-on wrench won this contest, but it also costs almost three times as much as some of its competitors.

We observed how long each gun worked only using its full torque strength.Craftsman The Test We wanted to see how long each gun would produce absolute maximum tightening torque before weakening and dying.We tightened individual lug nuts onto wheel studs on a Summit Racing wheel adapter (PN TRD-7069), which we bolted to a junk wheel.Kobalt currently offers only a lithium-ion version (PN 325931, 9.99), which we tested with a Ni Cd battery (PN 5667, .97).The kit included a large, slow charger stand (that beeped when charged), a built-in LED light, and a hard case.

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At full strength, the Snap-on gun tightened 104 lugs, and its torque stayed higher for a longer period of time than that on the other guns.

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